Compie 1 anno la pubblicazione del lavoro di ricerca di KIRANET sul sistema FIDMED

L’anno scorso il Direttore Generale di KIRANET, l’Ing Raffaele Chianese in collaborazione con l’Ing. Arciprete e il dott. Gargiulo, ha presentato il lavoro di ricerca denominato “An IoT-based HIS for Healthcare Risk Management and Cost Control: A Proposal” alla conferenza “ISCSIC 2019, The Third International Symposium on Computer Science and Intelligent Control”.

Il lavoro illustra FID-MED, un sistema innovativo, integrato hardware e software, per una gestione innovativa ed efficiente processi clinici, ambulatoriali, amministrativi e logistici in ambito sanitario.

Di seguito l’abstract:

This work introduces FID-MED, a Hospital Information Systems (HIS) based on a deep integration between hardware and software, both of them specifically designed and implemented by Kiranet I.C.T. Research Centre. It comprises a web based clinical application, named FIDCARE, a set of smart medical carts, smart medical cabinets and smart pocket dispenser, respectively named FIDRUN, FIDROK and FIDRAY. From a high-level user perspective, FIDMED aims to:

a) reduction of the healthcare services clinical risk;

b) cost control and cost reduction;

c) improvement in the overall quality assurance of clinical processes.

From a technical point of view, FIDCARE is a platform implementing an interesting architecture combining technologies such as Representational State Transfer (REST) services, Radio-Frequency IDentification (RFID), Barcodes Management, Adaptive Graphical User Interface, Gesture Interface and Voice User Interfaces everything under the “hat” of Internet of Things (IoT).

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